Quirky Friend Group Does Silly, Spontaneous Thing

OFF-CAMPUS – After happening to meet each other in front of Brooks Hall, sources confirmed Wednesday that a quirky friend group abandoned their previously set plans to do a silly, spontaneous thing. “We are kind of an eclectic bunch, so you never really know what is going to happen! One minute we are walking across campus and then next we are out on another one of our fun little adventures.” said Zoe Johnson ‘18, adding that whether it is getting tattoos or going on a road trip, she and the rest of the wacky gang are down for anything that pops up. “It isn’t unusual for us to go and do something unexpected like visit Woodcock Dam or go thrifting. When you hang out with people like us, you need to be able to keep up!” At press time, the friends were at Hank’s Ice Cream getting custard.

Originally published in Allegheny College’s The Krampus Issue 8

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