Student Decides On Rat To Name, Care For, And Ultimately Kill

CARNEGIE HALL – After taking time to carefully look over the rats provided to Psychology 154, sources confirmed that Erica Peterson ‘17  finally decided on what rat to name, take care of, and, in the end, kill. “He caught my eye because he was the fastest one in the box. I’m glad I picked him, he seems pretty friendly and even eats right from my hand,” said Peterson, adding that she was stuck between a few names for the creature whose life she would control and ultimately snuff out with her own hands. “I’m excited to get started with my little buddy here. I’m going to take good care of him, make sure he does well in all the tests, and, of course, be gentle when I finally snap its neck.” Sources later confirmed that a fellow student, Kyle Brenner ‘17, decided on a rat to get bitten by, drop, and instantly kill.

Originally published in Allegheny College’s The Krampus Issue 5.

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