Oh God, Acting Class Doing Weird Exercise Around Building

VUKOVICH CENTER – Students studying in the Vukovich Center report that, oh god, the students in an acting class are doing a weird theatre exercise around the building. “Oh no, they’re having class out here today. How am I supposed to concentrate on homework when there are students wandering the building blindfolded and mimicking weird noises?” asked Lisa Tyler ‘16, adding that relocating to another floor was futile because entire building was taken over by thirteen students doing some strange theatre activity. “Dear lord, are they going to spend the entire fifty minutes out here? I thought it was over when the blindfolds came off, but then they proceeded to sneak around and mirror each other’s movements whenever they made eye contact. It got real creepy, real fast.”  Sources later reported that, ah fuck, the class in question ran late, meaning the exercises would continue to disrupt the peace for at least another half hour.

Originally published in Allegheny College’s The Krampus 

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