Ants: “Why Do Our Gods Continue To Destroy Our Monuments To Them?”

We worship every day and stay devoted to our faith, but we ants have begun to ask one question: why must our Gods continue to destroy our monuments to them?  We know they must have a reason for why they wipe out our sanctuaries, but nothing seems to appease them.  Although we continue to create bigger and more cavernous temples to let them know that we are true believers, our Gods are never pleased.  Time and time again, they topple our towers, the very towers we built in their reverence! Have we done something to disturb the Great Ones? Oh Gods, why are you boiling with rage? We toil day and night to assemble your shrines, but you destroy them with abandon. We cannot be like our termite cousins, whose monoliths to you stretch miles into the sky! We are but humble ants who seek to honor you in the only way we know how. And furthermore, could you tell us you constantly smite our brethren, flattening them to Earth?

Originally published in Allegheny College’s The Krampus.

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