Shouldering Friend’s Grief Tweaks Lower Back

CHICAGO – Saying that the pain has been lingering for a while now, Eric Hallstead confirmed that shouldering his friend’s grief has recently tweaked his lower back. “I’ve been doing some heavy emotional lifting this past week, with Sean’s kid dyin’ and all, so I was already feeling pretty sore down there. I must’ve pushed myself over the edge on Saturday when I went out flower shopping with Sean; he broke down crying in the azaleas and that’s when I probably threw my back right out,” said Hallstead, adding that hurting something was not a surprise since his entire lumbar area has been throbbing for the past few weeks, ever since he made himself available for his friend’s grieving process. “I’ll always be happy to help Sean out and support him, but I’ve got to start keeping track of how many heavy conversations about child coffins I’m having in a day if I don’t want to twist it this bad again. I gotta look out for myself, I’m not getting any younger.” At press time, Hallstead was asking for “any thoughts and prayers you could send my way to get this damn stitch out, ’cause I have to be on my A-game for a pick-up this Friday, and have got that funeral sometime Saturday.”

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