Cutting Out The Middleman! Louis C.K.’s Next Standup Special Will Be Transmitted Directly To Humanity’s Collective Unconscious

In this day and age where big media seems to have a finger in every pot, comedian Louis C.K is cutting out the middleman from his new stand-up special by independently releasing it straight into humanity’s collective unconscious. That’s right, Louis is going to make his next show available to all 7 billion people at once by transmitting it across the bounds of time directly into the shared unconscious mind of the human race. Best of all, he is doing it absolutely for free!

Finally, a star looking out for the fans!

By doing things his own way, Louis C.K. prevents anyone from missing his latest jokes and guarantees his comedic stylings will be integrated throughout the human psyche as primordial images and symbols. What’s more, he is forever changing the face of entertainment with fragments of his personality helping shape archetypes that humanity has used throughout history in story and myth. Because of Louis’s bold stance on content distribution, comedy fans and the entire human species alike will be able to catch his performance, having it guide their subconscious behavior and instincts.

Way to go, Louis!

It’s a breath of fresh air to see a performer strive to make their work accessible to the general public, who will have no choice but to have his show woven into the very fabric of their collective mind. So say goodbye to any viewing hassle because Louis taking creative control means paywalls or even physically watching his show is a thing of the past!

The special, titled Renaissance of The Mind, is a can’t miss event because it‘s already ingrained within the essence of humanity thanks to Mr. C.K.! What an incredible guy!

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