Foster Child Better Than Real One

HARRISBURG, PA – Saying that the foster system has exceeded all their expectations, parents Mary and Jason Evans report that their foster child, Bradley Williams, is better than their real one. “Since day one Bradley has blown Kyle out of the water as a son. He’s simply been an improvement in every way: he plays three sports, he earns straight A’s, and he’s still part of Dr. Stephen’s Cavity-Free Club,” said Mr. Evans, adding that getting a child who is actually excited to talk at dinner has been on their mind for a while now. “Don’t get me wrong, Kyle has been fine these past eight years, but if we had to rate them, I would say Bradley’s a perfect ten, and Kyle caps off at around a four, four-and-a-half tops.” At press time, Mary and Jason were giving Bradley a leg up in life by opening a college fund for him using the majority of Kyle’s fund.

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