Yogurt Commercial Misses Target Audience, Strikes 45-54 Age Group

GOLDEN VALLEY, MN – Promising the public a full investigation into the incident, Yoplait officials told reporters Tuesday that their latest yogurt commercial missed its target audience and accidentally struck the 45-54 age group. “At 1900 hours, we launched an advertisement aimed at young adults in their late twenties to early thirties. Unfortunately, the intelligence provided by our marketing team proved to be faulty and the ad overshot our intended demographic,” said vice president David Clark, stating that the commercial was pulled from broadcast as soon as they realized the error but not before millions of middle-aged Americans were hit with its catchy jingle. “Despite the damage done to the bank accounts of the affected age group, Yoplait feels that continuing the overall advertising campaign is for the public’s best interest, though safeguards will be introduced to prevent tactical errors like this from happening in the future.” Clark concluded by expressing further confidence in their latest series of commercials, citing a recently successful radio ad for Yoplait Whips which landed perfectly with 65 to 74-year-olds with no additional casualties.

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