Hello there! It warms my heart that you took time out of your busy schedule to learn about me and my website. I’m Daniel Wightkin, a Chicago-based comedian/actor/writer/director trying my best to make it through life. I currently sleep on an air mattress so clearly things are going well.

This website is the hub for all my work, past, present, and future. I’ll try to update it frequently but I’m not making any promises because I am afraid of disappointing people.

Fast Facts About Me:

  • I am 6’3″,skinny, and look like I come from Tim Burton movie.
  • I have a near crippling fear of spiders.
  • I graduated from Allegheny College with a BA in Theatre.
  • I am an extremely picky eater and consistently ruin my friends’ plans to eat out.
  • I can type over 60 WPM.
  • When I was younger people bullied me.
  • People still bully me.
  • I was green when I was born and to this day that is my favorite color.
  • I live in an apartment that is too expensive and work at a job that pays too little.
  • I have shit handwriting.
  • I love cats.

In case you wanted to know about my accomplishments, I have a cool resume.

If you want to talk, check out my contact page for more info.